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Whats Doin: World Peace the weather man!

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Metta World Peace reads a weather forecast on Canadian television. His best line – “Victoria, she sounds like she’s hot, but she’s actually cold”. Classic. * Pau Gasol really really enjoyed this hug with Rafael Nadal at the French Open. * CBS Sports’ […]

Day 32 – Unibrow!

I’m not even going to lie. I barely watched a second of Rajon Rondo’s historic night (which was possibly one of the best point guard performances in playoff history). The reason – New Orleans won the lottery and I spent the next 48 hours (and counting) watching highlights, listening to interviews, reading articles, reading scouting […]

Quotes of the Month – April 2012

“I don’t do treatment. I hate training rooms.” – Portland’s Raymond Felton, when asked what kind of treatment he’d been receiving on his Achilles injury. That’s got to be a contender for Quote of the Year, no? “Either that or blow it in the club.” – Wizards’ rookie Chris Singleton, on why he spent $10,000 […]

Uneasy history finally resolving in the Big Easy

Back in 2005 the New Orleans Hornets finished the season managing just 18 wins to go along with 64 losses. As the franchise-worst record suggests, these were some pretty dark days for the fans of Louisiana’s second favourite professional sports team. But as we all know, in today’s NBA your fortunes can change pretty quickly […]

One Idiot’s Theory On The Chris Paul Trade.

I have been moving house for the past three days, so have therefore been without internet (being the last person under 70 in the country to not own a smartphone) and unable to keep up with the early goings on of what has been a rapid-fire start to the NBA off-season. During that time, obviously […]

Lockout Blues: Fixing The System

Last night I was leaning back in my chair, chucking a ball against the wall and thoroughly pissing off my neighbours in the process when I received a mobile call. Hmm, strange number. Looks American. Meh. Probably one of my cousins. Answer it. “Ash speaking.” “This is David Stern.” “Haha, yeah right. F**k off.” “No, […]

Lockout Blues – Stuck In The Middle

By now everyone knows that the first two weeks of the NBA season have been written off, and we’re almost certainly going to lose more. Not that I’m personally surprised. I’ve been telling everyone who’ll listen that we’ll be incredibly lucky to get a season at all. The reasons why we’re in this position are […]

Lockout Blues: Of Teams And Man

The NBA has too many teams. There. I’ve set out the basic premise of this article in the very first line. Last time, I discussed the problem of market size in the NBA. Part of the reason this is a problem is that the NBA simply over-expanded over the years, which has also served to […]


Who doesn’t love a good game of monopoly? Well, like all games of monopoly, it ain’t worth it unless it goes for far too long. I thought I would break down this real life game of Monopoly that is unfolding before us with the Carmelo Anthony trade speculation. Most important part of a game of […]

The Top Ten Most Likely: 08-09 Edition

Tizzle is back with his crystal ball and a look at this seasons Top Ten Most Likely Things to Happen. You heard it here first folks! #1 – Camby was angry. Iverson was angry. Carmelo was angry. Every Denver fan was angry. Even yours truly was angry. But now, we are all living in disbelief. […]