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B.S. podcast with Lee and Curry

In Bill Simmons’ latest podcast he spoke to the Golden State Warriors’ All-Star worthy duo David Lee and Steph Curry, and in it they had a brief but interesting exchange about Andrew Bogut and Aussies in general. Here’s what was said: BS: Can you get him back this year? Lee: I think so. He started […]

Whats Doin: Goin’ shrimpin’

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Dwight Howard took out a full page ad in an Orlando paper to thank the city and it’s fans – “Words cannot express the love that I have for Orlando” was his best line. This guy has no idea. I’d imagine that “Rack […]

Dwight In Golden State? Please.

The Dwight Howard circus continues to rattle on until the the NBA trade deadline. One day Orlando are not trading him, the next they’ve received an offer worth considering, and on another day he wants to be a free agent to form a Triple D team with Dirk and Deron in Dallas. One rumour that […]

The Offseason Trade Chronicles, Part 3: The David Lee Trade

July 8, 2010, 0928 hours, Ash’s bedroom. LeBron James is announcing his Decision. Jim Gray “The question everybody wants to know. LeBron, what’s your decision? LeBron: “This fall…ah, this was very tough. This fall, I’m going to take my talents to South Beach.” Ash: “What?” 0929 hours Ash: “Wait a minute…LeBron not going to New […]

Keep Ya Head Up Knicks – Moving ahead after the Summer of LeBron

“Keep Ya Head Up” – 2Pac Firstly, let me state clearly that any and all words that come out of my mouth relating to the NBA contain a heavy, at times ridiculous, bias towards the Knicks. But like P.Diddy… Can’t stop, won’t stop. Let me also say this – if I ever see Lebron in […]

What Really Happened At The NBA Free Agent Summit

At a private island somewhere in the Pacific… Inside a large conference room in LeBron’s palatial island mansion, the King and Dwyane Wade sat at the head of a giant table. A series of chairs, each varying in comfort level, were spread around the table, placed horizontally. LeBron: Damn, when are those guys gonna get […]

My All-NBA AFL Team

They couldn’t be more worlds apart. One sport is played by lean, leaping giants, throwing a round ball into a small hoop with five-man teams running end-to-end on shiny wooden floor boards. The other is played by tough, rugged warriors trying to kick an impossible egg-shaped ball over a grass paddock 180 meters long through […]