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Aussie Roundup – November 30, 2009

There is no Sunday Six Pack this week due to me working nightshift lately at my job (no I’m not a prostitute), and the curiously annoying sensation of being robbed 4-5 hours out of each day. And also because the time I could have spent six-packing was instead spent watching these guys. You need to […]

Sunday Six Pack: Midrange Game, Three-point Blame and Moustache Fame

ONE: A mixed week in the NBA, as far as the Aussie contingent goes. The bad news obviously being that Bogut injured his leg. The good news is that Bogut thinks he can get back on the court quicker than the 2-4 weeks that was initially diagnosed. I had a similar injury my second year […]

David Andersen Can Shoot

David Andersen playing no-look defense (AP Photo/Lori Shepler) Seems like every week there’s an Aussie in the NBA going for a career high. First Nathan Jawai, now David Andersen. In case you didn’t seen the game, Andersen and the Rockets (has a nice ring to it) completely upstaged LA in front of their home crowd […]

Sunday Six Pack: Brandon Jennings. That is all.

 AP Photo/Jeffery Phelps ONE: I normally do the Aussie Roundup first, but there’s no denying that the top of the news today – and arguably the whole week – belongs to Mr Brandon Jennings. After watching the Pistons pull off a nice come-from-behind victory in Washington, I went out shopping this afternoon feeling very content. […]

Aussie Roundup – November 4, 2009

It feels good to be able to say “Bogut’s Back!” for once and not be talking about his injured back. To put it simply, Bogut’s 16 point, 13 rebound effort against Chicago today was his best game in almost a year (probably since he went 20-14 in that nail biter against the Spurs).  That’s a […]

Sunday Six Pack: KD, VC and the Batman

  Ahhhh… feels good to down a six pack during the season for once. ONE: First the Aussie Roundup. BogutWatch – now back in action after a 10 month absence – didn’t exactly get off to the best start yesterday. The Bucks got rolled in Philly 99-86, with AB struggling in the 31 minutes of […]

Sunday Six Pack: Lebron-Shaq, the Aussie Contingent and the Wall of Fame

ONE: First off the rank is the Aussie Roundup. Lots of Aussie-related NBA news happening in the last week, all of which you would have seen if you’re following the NBAMate Twitter feed (more on this later). You all know by now that Patty signed with the Blazers – a move that many thought could […]

Under a Gum Tree

It’s not every day that you see an article on written about Aussies in the league. Even rarer to see one quote lyrics from a Rolf Harris song. But that’s exactly what Fran Blinebury has served up today in a piece about Andrew Bogut and David Andersen. But more interesting than the basketball bits […]