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5 Win-Win Trades

JT is the newest writer to hit the pine for NBAMate. A Brett Maher-like streak shooter in his heyday, JT now finds time to break down the fundamentals of the round-ball game in between changing diapers and other fatherly duties. Typically an NBA trade produces a winner and a loser, but here are five trade […]

Lebron James – Stay or Leave?

Leave! by J.O Loyalty- schmoyalty! This is the NBA. Players are forever pawns. Expendable. Superstar or not. That is fact. Ok, so LeBron James isn’t just your typical one either. However, if the King wanted to stay in Cleveland, wouldn’t you think he would’ve already re-signed the moment the option came up? What is the […]

One and the Done

J.O is the newest writer here at NBAMate. His mantra is “If it’s not NBA, it’s not BASKETBALL”. The owner of over 200 NBA ‘video-taped’ games, J.O. lives n breathes NBA on a daily basis, reads it, watches it, writes about it and challenges anybody to a game of NBA 2K10. The guy really does need a life… […]

The only Playoff Preview you’ll need – Part II

Ant may have got all the sexy first round match-ups out West, but I’ve got the two biggest Finals contenders right here baby. Beasts of the East. 1st Cleveland Cavaliers vs 8th Chicago Bulls A few weeks ago I was reflecting on Cleveland’s playoff run last season. It was a bittersweet run for me. Bitter, […]

Imagining a Global Icon

No doubt all of you are sick to death of all the speculation about LeBron’s future. Article after article essentially saying We don’t know jack. Or even worse, the not-so-subtle “hints” dropped by unscrupulous journos who try to spin every basket James makes at Madison Square Garden as some sort of secret love poem to […]

What will happen to Cleveland?

The news is out – Shaq is going to miss two months with his thumb injury, returning just in time for the playoffs… so the plan goes. With Big Z not able to return (and you better believe he will return) for another month or so, the Cavs are severely depleted on the interior. You […]

Sunday Six Pack: The Epic 2010 New Years Edition

ONE: It’s been a while between Six Packs, and with the time off I’ve had over the New Year I thought it was only fitting to churn out what will undoubtedly be the most massive Sunday Six Pack of all time. On the Aussie front, the biggest news this week has of course been the […]

Sunday Six Pack: Questions on Clutch, Cavaliers, and the rise of Mr. Andersen

Apparently you double-team David Andersen these days (AP Photo/Bob Levey) ONE: It’s been a mixed bag for the Aussie Contingent this week with some real highs and lows. It started last Sunday with Bogut’s season-high 27 points to go with 9 rebounds and 3 assists over the Trailblazers (Bogometer @ 91%). It was the kind […]

Sunday Six Pack: Midrange Game, Three-point Blame and Moustache Fame

ONE: A mixed week in the NBA, as far as the Aussie contingent goes. The bad news obviously being that Bogut injured his leg. The good news is that Bogut thinks he can get back on the court quicker than the 2-4 weeks that was initially diagnosed. I had a similar injury my second year […]

Things I learnt from Day 1 and 2

(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer) Don’t bash the Cavs just yet. Having watched the first half of yesterday’s Celtics vs Cavs game, and the last quarter of today’s Raptors vs Cavs game (thank you ILP), I find myself for once agreeing with the Big Diesel (or “The Big Witness Protection” as he’s now apparently known in Cleveland). […]