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Day 27 – Indi gone fishin’

Although I couldn’t see any way Indiana would be able to overcome the talents of Miami, I was suitably impressed with their efforts in a less than favourable matchup. Miami clearly weren’t at full strength after Chris Bosh went down with the abdominal strain, but LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were spectacular throughout the series, […]

Day 6 – LBJ still taking care of business

After six days of the NBA playoffs it’s looking as if the window has officially shut on the Mavericks’ aspirations of defending their title. And in New York, LeBron & Co played their first playoff game in Madison Square Garden – they didn’t disappoint. 3 votes – LeBron James. After three quarters had been played […]

Why LeBron stands between the Heat and a championship

By now I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve read my fellow NBAMate contributor Sam “SP” Patching’s article on why he thinks the Heat are the team to beat this year. Sam is an excellent writer who I have mad respect for and he does a great job articulating his reasons as to why he […]

Why the Miami Heat will win the 2012 NBA Championship

When this condensed NBA season tipped-off back in December of last year, every man and his dog had an opinion on how it would pan out for LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Whilst some were ready to dismiss LeBron as an all-time great due to his inability to produce in the clutch, others were […]

The best fake NBA Twitter accounts

After writing an emotionally draining piece and one that involved a load of research, I felt like just having a little fun here. Twitter has taken over the NBA, with almost every player of note (and definitely every player not of note) having their own page. However, as Socrates said, when there is something real […]

Day 39 – Sixteen Again

That’s the age I was during the 2006 Finals. I was in Year 11, and had been in America over Easter. I’d even managed to go to Game 1 and 2 of Miami’s first round series against the Bulls. That year, I wanted the Heat to win the Finals, but not enough that I couldn’t […]

Day 35 – Oh Bosh

3 votes – Chris Bosh. So I guess this is why they call it the Big 3, huh? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy ragging on Chris Bosh as much as anyone. It has brought me much amusement all season. He has suffered what I like to call “Odom Syndrome” – an unquestionably talented player […]

Day 12 – Kevin Durant. Nothing Else To See Here.

For the most part, day 12 went as predicted. Miami snuffed out the Sixers resistance with a comfortable (if not totally convincing) 97-91 victory to take the series 4-1. Oklahoma City also wrapped up their series 4-1 with a 100-97 win over Denver, while the Spurs forced their series to a Game 6 back in […]

Day 3 – Everything’s Coming Up Rose-y.

Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images Firstly, my apologies for the terrible pun there. I’ve had a migrane for most of the past 24 hours (only now it’s beginning to clear up) and was relying on various glitchy and dubiously legal streams for today’s games, so I’m not exactly on top form. Never mind […]

Could The Super Friends Era Be Over Before It Started?

We learnt a lot of things from the free agency period of 2010. Firstly, we learnt that the modern NBA superstar would rather team up with his rivals than crush them. We also learnt that one poor “Decision” from your handlers can turn you from a goofy hero to the basketball world’s favourite villain in […]