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Offseason Buzz: Part 2

Following on from Part 1: Chris Paul traded to LAC Chris Paul and Blake Griffin – Wow!! They had to do this deal, for a number of reasons: To bring some cachet to the sad sack Clippers, to keep Chris Paul away from the Lakers, to give Blake Griffin a reason to re-sign, and more […]


Who doesn’t love a good game of monopoly? Well, like all games of monopoly, it ain’t worth it unless it goes for far too long. I thought I would break down this real life game of Monopoly that is unfolding before us with the Carmelo Anthony trade speculation. Most important part of a game of […]

Sunday Six Pack: A Magic title, the legacy of Chauncey, and Mr Amundson

ONE: As an Aussie NBA blog, you’d be forgiven lately for thinking Bogut is the only Australian playing in the league at the moment. And you wouldn’t be far from the truth. The three players who make up the remainder of the Aussie NBA Quartet have all gone through rough patches and struggled to get […]

Dutch Courage

Ant is the newest writer here at NBAMate. When he’s not over-loading the server with his long, rambling, over-hyphenated posts, he’s fighting for the revival of the fedora as a mainstream fashion item or bluffing his way through a cricket conversation with work mates. He is the thinking man’s NBA blogger, so lock-in and enjoy. […]

Serving up back-to-back Finals and 2500 Words on a Saturday Afternoon

Kobe Bryant has now done something that Tim Duncan never did: lead his team to back-to-back Finals appearances. That thought startled me a little when it first entered my brain, but it’s true. Since MJ and the Bulls faced off against Karl Malone and the Jazz in ’97 and ’98, it’s been exceedingly difficult for […]

Sunday Six Pack: Kobe-Lebron, the NBL and Chauncey Love

It’s been a while since the last Six Pack, mostly due to my USA travels, but with a lot happening in the world of basketball both abroad and at home, I thought it was about time to crack open a few. ONE: The state of NBL basketball continues to be in turmoil. Several people (including […]

Championship Ingredients and the Business Man

Day 11 – The day we said goodbye to the Spurs 3 votes – Paul Pierce. On Day 9 regarding the Bulls-Celtics series I said “Surely the remaining games of this series won’t be able to top Game 4? Right?” Impossibly, you could very well argue that Game 5 did. There have been enough crazy […]

Day 5 – The Second Renaissance of Mr Big Shot

3 votes – Chauncey Billups. For reasons I will elaborate further below, but for now just know that Chauncey had never before hit back-to-back thirty point games in his playoff career – and that is a long and distinguished playoff career. So now I want you to answer me this question. How far do you […]

Day 2 – Iggy and Mr Big Shot(s)

Only one moment has left me jumping up and down in front of my tele so far these playoffs, and that was Iggy’s shot to beat the Magic today. That’s when I realized I was rooting for the Sixers in this series. I’m a big Iguodala fan as anyone reading this blog knows. I put […]

Melbourne Summer, Rondo The Man and the Fu**ing Puerto Rican Guy

This is probably my favourite time of year. I worked my last day of the year on Friday and now face a month of summer and beer drenched days stretching all the way though till early January. I plan to spend a lot of that time walking around without pants on, watching a lot more […]