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Sunday Six Pack: Jordan, AI, Kobe and Bruce

I’m in the Philippines at the moment for work, and I woke up this morning to find a photo of Robert Horry and Vlade Divac on the front page of the newspaper. A little weird, yes, but as I said last year (exactly one year ago) this country loves their basketball. I took it as […]

Game 3 Pain

Painful. For Cavs fans and NBA fans alike, this series is becoming extremely painful. As I said in an email to my friend earlier today, this could become the worst NBA Finals series in history. I qualified that statement by saying that if we got at least one close game the series might be saved. […]

RoBloG Playoff Diary

Day 42: Nine in a Row From a Detroit fan’s perspective, thats the only way to look at it… nine in a row. Since playing arguably our best game in the playoffs in game 3 against the Bulls, Detroit have played nine very ordinary, average-at-best games. That is an incredible streak of poor form to […]