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Day 15 – Exhale

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer The great series had to end. Some predicted a Celtics blow-out, some suggested a Bulls upset victory, while many presumed it would reach at least one overtime period before ending again in epic fashion. The answer was neither of those, or perhaps somewhere in between. The game didn’t reach the nail-biting heights […]

Day 14 – Luck of the Irish

Firstly let me say that tonight I’m going to see Bulls-Celtics at the TD Banknorth Garden. In Boston. To say I’m excited about being at Game 7 of one of the greatest series in playoff history is an understatement. I feel blessed. I feel very lucky. Because the turn of events that lead me here […]

Interview with a Celtics Fan

If you search for the definition of “Boston Celtics” you will find the following response: “a team that is being ruined by Danny Ainge”. This definition was penciled in barely three years ago, but it demonstrates the complete upheavel that has recently taken place in the Beantown basketball world. A Celtics fan is a very […]

Dynasties IV: Bird, Spurs and the Bad Boys

“Of all the people I play against, the only one I truly fear is Larry Bird” – Magic Johnson The Dyanasty Feature looks at the best teams over the past 30 years. Check out Parts I, II and III. #4 The Bird Celtics Years: 1979-1990 Titles: 3 (’81, ’84, ’86) The Boston Celtics were the […]