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Whats Doin: Baron Davis has a ‘herniated d*ck’?

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * The Charlotte Observer reports that Baron Davis is recovering from a “herniated d*ck”. * A few laughers from The Basketball Jones – A ‘flop-off’ in Chicago, and KG gets testy with a cup of water. * Andrew Bynum “was pulled over by the […]

Boomshakalaka! Fantasy Roundup: NBA Jam Edition

Yes you’ve undoubtedly already heard that the arcade classic NBA Jam is making a comeback (though only on the Wii ), a game we all fondly remember for its fast game-play, towering dunks, flaming balls and an abundance of hidden characters. Not only that but the commentary, rife with catchphrases that are still regularly uttered […]

Midseason Fantasy Awards

The season has just passed the midpoint and All-Star weekend 2008 is just around the corner – I can’t wait for it just as I’m sure you can’t either! The world of NBA Fantasy has had a lot of twists and turns this season with some players raising their games to ‘stud-like’ levels such as […]

RoBloG Playoff Diary

Day 42: Nine in a Row From a Detroit fan’s perspective, thats the only way to look at it… nine in a row. Since playing arguably our best game in the playoffs in game 3 against the Bulls, Detroit have played nine very ordinary, average-at-best games. That is an incredible streak of poor form to […]