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Whats Doin: Delonte West gives Gordon Hayward a ‘Wet Willy’

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Andrew Bynum channels his inner JaVale McGee – he strangely tries to steal the ball from teammate Steve Blake in the dying seconds of their win over San Antonio (last week), in order to jack up a three. I mean, really? After all […]

Ramon Who?

As the trade deadline ticked over last week, we saw a couple of somewhat marquee players in Gerald Wallace and Nene being shipped to new locations. However, the deal most likely to have the greatest impact on the final stretch of the NBA season was the trade which saw the Los Angeles Lakers acquire Ramon […]

Quotes of the Month – February 2012

“You think I’ll hang around and average 19 points or 18 points? Hell no.” – The Lakers’ Kobe Bryant on how much longer he intends to play. His ‘twilight years’ will be interesting, that’s for sure. “I’ll need something to live on.” – Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov pledged to give $17 billion of his $18 […]

Day 13 – Closing Time

3 votes – Dirk Nowitzki. Hard to deny Dirk the 3-votes today, leading his Mavs into the second round in a game I honestly did not expect them to win. A bit of tough playoff resolve on the road – not exactly the Mavs forte in recent years. But thanks to Dirk saving his best […]

Day 11 – Throwback

I found it really hard to give the three votes today. For the first time in these playoffs, there wasn’t really a single dominant performance that demanded the three votes. The three winning teams won comfortably thanks to a balanced team effort with multiple contributors. I guess that’s why they won comfortably, eh? 3 votes […]

Day 7 – Where the Celtics and Lakers rolled

Before we get into it today, some quick exciting news. The folks over at have kindly asked us to help them promote this game we so dearly love by showing their Daily Zap video here at NBAMate. We of course obliged. We’ll be including the Daily Zap video within our latest Playoff Diary post which is […]

Day 5 – When Business Resumed As Normal

After the craziness of the first couple of days of this playoff series, today was a return to normality, where the top seeds re-established their dominance over the upstart lower seeds and won games they should have in LA and San Antonio, while the Team Formerly Known As The Sonics jumped out to a big […]

Game 4 – A Big ol’ Baby is born

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images It was a game the Celtics absolutely had to win, and their defensive effort in the first quarter showed they understood this all too well. The Lakers, to their credit, matched that intensity and the result was a hard-fought Finals game, even though the standard overall was pretty poor. Before […]

Short Shorts: The Burning Q’s

Boston versus LA is far and away the sexiest matchup basketball has ever produced. The record books speak for themselves, the titles between them illustrate that and the utter disgust for one another is pure gold. Lakers reserve guard Sasha Vujacic can’t stand the sight of green. Celtics fans can’t wait for their next opportunity […]

What Kobe got for Christmas Part III: Lebron and the Little Things

 (Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images) I don’t mean to make this all about Kobe, but this Christmas Day theme has kind of become an NBAMate tradition (2007, 2008) so we might as well run with it. I missed the first quarter of this game because I was sleeping – seriously, do the NBA […]