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Sunday Six Pack: Body Fat, BT and the Fevolution

ONE: It’s that time of year where every man and his dog starts doing NBA team previews for the upcoming season. It’s a fun time, because no matter how bad your team is, you can still convince yourself that with a bit of luck you’ll be in the playoffs. You can use words like “potential” […]

Sunday Six Pack: Big Men, Sour Grapes and the Return of T-Mac?

ONE: Charley Rosen at Fox Sports wrote a piece during the week on young centers in the NBA, titled “Why there’s a shortage of quality big men“. In it he touches on Andrew Bogut and offers the following assessment: “Bogut is perhaps the most savvy of the young bigs and also possesses very good hands. […]

Sunday Six Pack: Jordan, AI, Kobe and Bruce

I’m in the Philippines at the moment for work, and I woke up this morning to find a photo of Robert Horry and Vlade Divac on the front page of the newspaper. A little weird, yes, but as I said last year (exactly one year ago) this country loves their basketball. I took it as […]

Sunday Six Pack – the returning Answer, the embarrassing Magic and the setting Suns

ONE: It was reported earlier in the week that Andrew Bogut is beginning his transition from complete rest to basketball-related activities, which is good news for the Bucks. Also written earlier in the week was this great piece on the Bucks website about Bogut and Coach Skiles – truly worth your reading. Quote from Bogut: […]

Pistons finally win, have Dwight’s measure once again

Finally! I don’t remember being this happy about a regular season victory in a long time. But I guess that goes to show what a transformation (translation: collapse) the Pistons have undergone his season. Most “streak-ending games” for Detroit the past six seasons have been losses – today the streak-ender was a win, after the […]

Happy Birthday Bogut, the return of Ray and some Puerto Rican guy

After recovering from a weird and wonderful night spent talking and dancing with strangers with moustaches at the Movember Melbourne Gala Party, my life returned to a little normalcy today (although seeing the guy with assless chaps win Man of Movember may scar me for a few more weeks). Here’s a look around the L. […]

Breaking down the Lakers v Pistons

Foxtel achieved one of its rare NBA scheduling miracles by letting us watch the Pistons v Lakers game today. Couldn’t think of a better game to watch right now than the undefeated Lakers vs the Iverson-lead Pistons, and as a Pistons fan you can imagine I was pretty happy with the result. Here is my […]

The Answer for Detroit

Wow. Who saw this coming? Not me. This wasn’t even on the radar. Pistons fans had all but given up hope of a big blockbuster trade after Joe D’s promise several months ago. And to be honest we didn’t really mind. We still had a great team with a new coach that was set to […]

My All-NBA AFL Team

They couldn’t be more worlds apart. One sport is played by lean, leaping giants, throwing a round ball into a small hoop with five-man teams running end-to-end on shiny wooden floor boards. The other is played by tough, rugged warriors trying to kick an impossible egg-shaped ball over a grass paddock 180 meters long through […]