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Day 41 – Like a Bosh

So the bracket has finally been resolved and we have our two finalists. It’s come as no real surprise that the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder will be the two teams battling it out for the hardware. It’s true, they play the games for a reason, but it was fairly obvious before the […]

Day 40 – Setting the stage for an all-time classic

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. LeBron James is the best damn player in the NBA. The way he commands attention on offense without skipping a beat defensively, is a testament to the hard work that’s gone in to developing this under appreciated and incredibly well balanced superstar. Game 6 was all […]

Day 39 – Sturm und drang und…Bärte?

Firstly, apologies both to the rest of the boys and our readers for my irregular posting for the playoff diary. I’ve been super busy the last couple of weeks, firstly with assignments (I still have one that needs to go in and it’s now two weeks late!) as well as working on a piece that […]

Day 38 – We’ve seen this before

A quick 3-2-1 to cover this stunning Celtics victory… 3 votes – Kevin Garnett. What more can Boston ask of KG? Not only did he deliver another 20-10 and set the tone defensively, but he also knocked down two clutch free-throws that iced the game. If the Celtics go on to win this series, we’ll […]

Day 36 – Boston pride

Cards on the table – I didn’t catch the entire game from start to finish, the by-product of caring for a cranky two year-old. But from what I could glean, the gritty Celtics blitzed Miami in the first half and then held on (they blew an 18 point lead) to take the game in overtime. […]

Day 35 – All knotted up

This Spurs v Thunder series is a couple of 50 point games and some overtime periods from being an all-time classic. The back and forth between these two western conference heavyweights is a treat to watch, and it looks as if it’s going down to the wire. We’re now 2-2, with a best of 3 […]

Day 34 – The Old Brigade

Despite Rondo’s Game 2 explosion and the Celtics offensive efficiency (they shot nearly 50% from the field), it was clear that coming back home they needed to get back to their roots. Defense. Game 3 was a different Celtics team thanks to a surge in defensive intensity, better bench contribution, and the way they controlled […]

Day 33 – Streakbusters

It took them three attempts at it, but as we all expected – the Oklahoma City Thunder finally put an end to the phenomenal win streak by the San Antonio Spurs. In this game three matchup, Patty Mills also logged ten minutes, the circumstances were unfortunate. 3 votes – Kevin Durant. It wasn’t a night […]

Day 32 – Unibrow!

I’m not even going to lie. I barely watched a second of Rajon Rondo’s historic night (which was possibly one of the best point guard performances in playoff history). The reason – New Orleans won the lottery and I spent the next 48 hours (and counting) watching highlights, listening to interviews, reading articles, reading scouting […]

Day 31 – Spurs streak still alive

So the incredible regular season / post season streak continues for the Spurs (now at 20 wins), and the Thunder are in a 0-2 hole needing to win four of the next five. Doesn’t sound very likely does it? While there’s no moral victories in the playoffs, the Thunder can take something away from this game. The fact the […]