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Day 39 – Sixteen Again

That’s the age I was during the 2006 Finals. I was in Year 11, and had been in America over Easter. I’d even managed to go to Game 1 and 2 of Miami’s first round series against the Bulls. That year, I wanted the Heat to win the Finals, but not enough that I couldn’t […]

Day 36 – Mavs Unleash The Lightning Rod

Man, that was a hell of a game. For all money, midway through the 4th quarter, I thought the Thunder were home free. But the Mavs showed, once again, that they’re made of stern stuff and charged back to pull it out 112-105 in OT. I’ll start off here with the votes. 3 Points – […]

Day 35 – Oh Bosh

3 votes – Chris Bosh. So I guess this is why they call it the Big 3, huh? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy ragging on Chris Bosh as much as anyone. It has brought me much amusement all season. He has suffered what I like to call “Odom Syndrome” – an unquestionably talented player […]

Day 34 – Unusual

This was an unusual playoff game, for many reasons. 3 votes – Tyson Chandler.  This was an unusual playoff game because not a single player really had it going. Durant sputtered through 46 minutes and again had one of those games where he takes a lot of threes and makes none of them (he’s 0-13 […]

Catching up on the Votes – Day 31-33

Day 31 – ReDirkulous 3 votes – Dirk Nowitzki. I didn’t see this game until three days later. Usually during the playoffs I won’t go and watch games that are 3-days old because there’s so much new action every day – what happened 3 days ago is old news. But I just had to watch […]

Day 29 – Beginnings and Ends

3 votes – Kevin Durant. Amazing to think that KD and Russell might have saved their best combined game of this series till last. Durant dropped a casual 39 on 13-25 shooting to go with 9 rebounds – simply one of the best Game 7 close-out games in recent years. I thought the Grizzlies had […]

Bulls vs Heat – Making History

After so much drama in these playoffs – stunning upsets, unpredictable sweeps, young teams rising, old teams falling – it’s nice to know that some things are going according to plan. The #1 seed Bulls will play the #2 seed Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. The best two teams in the East will battle […]

JT’s Playoff Odyssey

What’s it like to be an NBA sportswriter? Well, courtesy of NBAMate I had the chance to find out, by attending two games in Chicago and New York during the first round of the playoffs. As experiences go it was off the charts, a dream come true for a life long hoops fan. ‘Surreal’ is […]

Day 27 – We have a Game 7

3 votes – Zach Randolph. Just when you thought Zach might have expended all his juice in that heartbreaking triple OT loss in Game 4, which certainly looked the case watching him limp around in Game 5, he comes back with this. 30 points, 13 rebounds and 2 blocks, including 11 points in the fourth […]

Day 26 – Bulls Takin’ Care Of Bizness

In the end, it was pretty easy for the Chicago Bulls to wrap up their series in Game 6. While Atlanta fought hard, their shots just weren’t falling as the Bulls wrapped it up with a 93-73 victory, featuring their now-trademark tenacious D. (Terrible, terrible pun, true…but did JB and KG not form the world’s […]