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The Epic and Belated 2010 NBA Draft Recap

I know what you’re thinking. Bit late for a draft recap, isn’t it? The event itself was months ago and summer league almost as far behind. I would like to claim my tardiness was because I’ve been working on this masterpiece since then, perpetually fine-tuning it in search of the perfect phraseology, a la Brian […]

2010 NBA Draft Recap

Welcome to Ash’s Recap of the 2010 NBA Draft. I had promised Rob a full draft diary, but Ekpe Udoh going at 6 kind of shit-canned that plan. More on that later, but needless to say I was too depressed to write more. This can be a problem, because when I get depressed, I hit […]

Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2010 NBA Draft – Draft Eve Edition

Between the last mock draft and now, a lot of new information about the draft has been revealed – potentially making the top 9 picks a lock. Credit must go to and for the information. I am sure that a lot more will come about, but until then – this is the updated […]

Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2010 NBA Draft – The Double Team Edition

Now that the NBA Finals are over, NBAMate’s Draft Dude is back. Or should we say Draft Dudes. Jobba, famous across the Internets for his Idiots Blog Guides to the NBA Draft, is joining forces with NBAMate’s new recruit Ash (also of Bleacher Report fame) to lay down the greatest Mock Draft you will ever […]

Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2010 NBA Draft

Hello there! Firstly, let me apologise for the time it took to compose the first edition of the Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2010 Draft. It’s been a long year for me. I lost a bet with a mate when Emeka Okafor was traded (I said that wouldn’t happened) and was forced to visibly support […]