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The Bumps and Turns on the Road to the Playoffs

Joel is the newest writer to hit the pine for NBAMate. A basketball tragic who lives and breathes the NBA and sees the world through his green-tinted Celtics glasses. When he’s not out balling, you can find him rambling on endlessly about how good Larry Bird and Bill Russell would be in today’s game. It’s […]

Metallica And The 2010-11 NBA Season So Far

Last Saturday, I had one of the great experiences of my life seeing Metallica at the Acer Arena. While I have a pretty wide musical palate, Metallica have always been one of my true loves ever since a bogan classmate loaned me a mix CD of their greatest work when I was 12 and we […]

The List: Uniformed Decisions

I’ve always made it a point at the start of each season to observe which teams have sported a new look -  more so than a player sporting new kicks. If you’re a heavy jersey buyer like me, than new NBA uniforms are always an eye-opener. Yes, a new uniform, logo or colour has absolutely […]

2010-11 NBA Preview – Sleepers, Creepers and Grenades

Greetings, gentlemen and ladyboys. Today I come to you not from the glitz and glamour of South Beach, the sunshine and G-strings of the Gold Coast or even from amongst the skanky delights of my home city’s own Kings Cross. Instead, I come to you from my family’s apartment, right under the Sydney Airport flight […]

Into the Crystal Ball – Predicting the Winners for 2010-11

With the new season only a couple of days away, it’s only fair that the NBAMate crew put their balls on the line and make some predictions. This is what we came up with. 1. Who comes out of the East and West to meet in the 2010-2011 Finals? Ant – Heat and Lakers. Boring, […]