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Idiots Blog Guide to the 2008 NBA Draft – Final Edition

Welcome to my last blog edition for the ‘Idiots Guide to the 2008 NBA Draft’ for 2008. I’ve been following NBA draft’s for going on four years now, and this is by far the most complex I’ve ever come across. Literally, every single first round pick in this draft has been mentioned in some trade […]

Idiots Blog Guide to the 2008 NBA Draft: Lottery Edition

Welcome ladies and gents to the lottery edition of the Idiots Blog Guide to the 2008 NBA draft. Whilst the Conference Finals are in full swing and the best team in the game is currently being scripted, the top 14 crappiest teams need something to look forward to. For the Warriors it’s trying to figure […]

Aussies Abroad: 2008 NBA Draft

Our great, wide brown land has seen some success in recent times in the NBA world, mainly – well, in all fairness – solely due to Andrew Bogut and his number 1 overall selection in the 2005 draft, but as of recently, NBA scouts have had a carefully trained eyes on a few Aussies. Which […]

Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2008 NBA Draft 2.1: Man-Crush Edition

The Draft Dude is back with a heart-throbbing look at the 2008 NBA Draft. Make sure to check out Jobba’s mock draft from back in February. Welcome back to an added installment of the Idiot’s Draft Guide. Truth be told, this blog was never intended to be made, but after repeated advances by Robd (not […]

Part II of The Idiots Blog Guide to the 2008 NBA Draft

Check out Jobba’s mock draft from November ‘07 With the craziness of the trade deadline behind us, I thought it would be an opportune time to look at some of the possible selections of the 2008 NBA Draft. Enjoy! 14. Houston Rockets Kevin Love 6’9 PF UCLA Fresh. What is it with the Rockets? They […]

The Idiots Blog Guide to the 2008 NBA Draft

I’m a guy who gets frustrated easily when it comes to NBA basketball. Maybe it’s because I have no patience to hear wrong opinions, or maybe it’s the very real (and arrogant) belief I have that I was endowed with more knowledge than your average NBA fan. Whatever the reason, my frustrat-o-meter usually hits tops […]