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College Ball – Previewing the Top 4

The College Basketball season has just started, and whilst there is a long way to go till March there are already teams and players separating themselves (albeit on paper) from everyone else. Here is my preview of the top 4 most likely teams to win the NCAA Championship. Duke Blue Devils – AP Poll Ranking: […]

Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2010 NBA Draft – Draft Eve Edition

Between the last mock draft and now, a lot of new information about the draft has been revealed – potentially making the top 9 picks a lock. Credit must go to and for the information. I am sure that a lot more will come about, but until then – this is the updated […]

Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2010 NBA Draft

Hello there! Firstly, let me apologise for the time it took to compose the first edition of the Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2010 Draft. It’s been a long year for me. I lost a bet with a mate when Emeka Okafor was traded (I said that wouldn’t happened) and was forced to visibly support […]

Idiot’s Guide to the 2009 NBA Draft: Final Edition

I have covered the pre-Draft period for three or four years now, and I can safely say there has never been as much hardship in predicting what will happen on draft day.  The fact that this is a weak draft, that the NBA has a deeper talent pool now than any time probably in 20 […]

Idiot’s Guide to the 2009 NBA Draft: Lottery Edition

How amusing – we made this image in our first mock draft for 2009. Mike Dunleavy will be glad he studied it. 1.    LAC – Blake Griffin – 6’9 PF From Oklahoma Ok, so I’m gonna steal a semi-humorous joke I saw on the forum regarding the Clippers and their new stud. All they […]

Patty Mills Draft Watch: To stay or not to stay

So Patty Mills just decided to declare for the NBA draft, as Rob posted yesterday. Before I get into some deep analysis, a quick recap on the situation. Mills has declared for the draft without signing an agent. This means a few things: Without an agent, he can take his name out of the draft before […]

Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2009 NBA Draft 2.1: Man-Crush Edition

Its tournament time for collegiate basketball and that means only one thing: it’s time for another Idiot’s Guide to the 2009 NBA Draft Man-Crush Edition, or as Ric Bucher would say IBGTT09NBADMCR. Last year’s Man-Crush blog saw me seduced by the point guard smarts of Super Mario Chalmers, the cuddliness of Derrick Rose and the […]

The All-Obama Team

Barack Obama, or should I say Barack O’Balla, has won millions of fans across America (and even all the way over here in Australia) on his historic road to the presidency, and probably a few extra fans on the hardwood thanks to his balling ways. Just today the US President was officially invited to the […]

Idiot’s Blog Guide to the 2009 NBA Draft: Part II

Howdy! I love Aussie Summers. For me it means barbecued Kanga meat and Carlton Dry with Lime (the Clear Cut 2008 BOTY Rob) around the pool as well as the Triple J’s Hottest 100 (my number 1 vote goes to Cemeteries of London by Coldplay) and the cricket on the tele. But most of all, […]

Idiots Blog Guide to the 2009 NBA Draft

Ahoy there Draftorians (sounds like something out of Star Trek really), and welcome back to the first Installment of the 2009 Idiots Guide to the 2009 NBA draft. Last year, I was completely rooted by the Sonics/ Thunder/ Train-Wrecks selection of Russell Westbrook at pick 4, but I did pick the first three picks, in […]