A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Boomers coach Andrej Lemanis is on a fact-finding mission to Europe canvassing prospective opponents/locations/facilities for World Cup preparations.

* Andrew Bogut is feeling great and raring to go.

* Stephen Jackson chokes Steve Francis in a club. Yup. (They got it wrong, it’s at the 26:00 minute mark)

* Zach Lowe makes the case for a 40-minute NBA game. Personally, I would reduce the number of games (by about 15-20) before embarking on this, but nonetheless it’s still a good idea.

* Some old-school footage of Wilt Chamberlain throwin’ it down.

* Truehoop’s Henry Abbott believes the presence of Kobe Bryant will derail the Lakers’ free agency plans. I 100% agree.

* Reggie Evans has shaved off his beard.

* Salary cap wise the Philadelphia 76ers are holding all the cards.

* Michael Beasley is a dead set nutter but the Heat’s decision to bring him back is low risk (they’re paying him peanuts and they can cut him at any time) and potentially high reward (they are lacking a shot creator off the bench). I like the Beasley/Oden gamble by Riley because this team needs a spark and if just one of them pans out then it could be enough to get them over the line, again.

* A Bill Simmons podcast with Celtics GM Danny Ainge.

* J.R. Smith’s brother Chris Smith has a tattoo of J.R’s face tattooed on his back….


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