A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Shannon Brown’s attempt to dunk over three guys in Latvia goes horribly wrong. Yikes!

* Long-time Portland Trail Blazers beat writer Jason Quick is calling it quits and in this terrific piece he recounts some fascinating stories and some of his ups and downs whilst covering the team. A brilliant read.

* The AFL is targeting US college basketball players to beef up the ruckman ranks.

* Steph Curry has been working on his dunks this summer. Nice.

* Gary Payton says he is to blame for Allen Iverson’s practice rant.

* Kobe Bryant is now running on a treadmill!!!! And here, LeBron does the same, presumably to take the piss. Not sure Kobe would appreciate the joke.

* Grantland’s Zach Lowe gives a thumbs up to the Larry Sanders extension. I think it’s an absolute steal, considering 1) he would have likely fetched the ‘mini’ max (about $14 million per) on the open market next year, and 2) unlike DeAndre Jordan and JaVale McGee, two guys that are earning similar money, Sanders actually has an elite skill – defense/rim protector – which is gold in this league. Just a shame that a talent like this has to waste away in Milwaukee.

* J.R. Smith was spotted driving a $450,000 armored truck around Manhattan.

* Nate Robinson acts the goose at an airport.

* The Golden State Warriors are now valued at $800 million; that’s $350 million more than their 2010 sale price. Remember, NBA owners had the nerve to cry poor during the 2011 lockout (and they’ll do exactly the same thing at the next labour negotiations)….

* I typically try to ignore these games (I don’t understand why good NBA players would want to risk injury playing against scrubs), but check out Kyrie Irving pulling some crazy moves at Jamal Crawford’s Pro-Am game.


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