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* I went along to the Boomers training session today and Dante Exum, who seems to be an exceptionally nice young man, had a few interesting things to say about his future.

On whether this experience playing for the Boomers is helping him make a decision about his future (i.e. go to college or nominate for the 2014 NBA draft):
“Yeah definitely, I am not getting much playing time but the learning experience has been invaluable to me, being around guys like Patty and Aron Baynes and Ingles who are playing professional at a high level, so just learning about what they do off the court and on the court is helping me whether I want to take that step as a professional or whether I might try and delay it for a bit.”

On whether he has received any advice from the guys on making the decision:
“No, not really, they’ve kind of just tried to leave it up to me, saying what’s positive about being a professional and stuff like that. Patty obviously went to college so he knows how the college system helped him, but it’s been more like they’re leaving it up to me and they know I’ll make the right decision.”

On the projections of him being a top pick in the 2014 NBA draft:
“This time last year it was all college for me, that was my mindset… Like just to even be in a mock draft and predicted as a top 5 pick, it’s like a dream come true. I am still trying to work hard every day and it doesn’t matter if I am top 30, top 10, I’ve still got to work as hard as I can.”

* Also from today, Believe The Hype captured the Ben Simmons and Dante Exum dunk show.

* Check out this Grantland article on Dante Exum. They’re gushing about him.

* Greg Monroe shows off the Detroit Pistons new alternate jerseys. Nice.

* The Phoenix Suns also have new uniforms. Not impressed.

* Russell Westbrook, you look ridiculous.

* Brett Brown was very wise to hold out for a 4-year guaranteed contract from the Philadelphia 76ers. Why? Because history says he’s unlikely to last that long.

* BDL’s Kelly Dwyer on what we can expect from Kobe Bryant this coming season.

* SBNation believes Andrew Bogut’s body is the key to the Warriors’ 2013-14 season.

* Michael Jordan is 50 years old and can still dunk.

* Grantland with a terrific feature on Jonny Flynn.

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