A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* The San Antonio Spurs have been trialling a new system of biometric monitoring which is made by the Australian company, Catapult Sports. Fascinating stuff.

* More dancing – John Wall dancing on a sidewalk and Nerlens Noel doing “Gangnam Style” with a bunch of kids.

* The Detroit Pistons are going to be a fun watch this season. (They’re fatally flawed though – all of their core guys are poor shooters and their two on-court ‘leaders’ – Smith and Jennings – are the type of guys who should not be leading a team.)

* James Harden combing his beard and teaching the Eurostep.

* Mike D’Antoni calls Dwight Howard’s decision to sign with Houston “mind-boggling”. Sour grapes, and he’s way off the mark.

* The New Orleans Pelicans unveil their new uniforms.

* JaVale McGee playing the piano.

* The Detroit Pistons roll out the red carpet for Chauncey Billups.

* Paul Pierce with a lesson on how to talk “Boston”.

* Zach Lowe examines the financial future in Oklahoma City.

* Dallas attorneys have filed an injunction against Chris Bosh’s younger brother to get him to stop hosting illegal parties at his mother’s vacant warehouse in Dallas.

* Speaking of Bosh, here he is jumping off a boat.


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