A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Dwight Howard talks about his decision in this Q&A.

* Is Dwight really to blame for this circus?

* Kyrie Irving nails the Aussie accent. Gold!!

* Kyrie Down Under.

* Steph Curry works on his game.

* The New York Knicks gave up a first round draft pick for a player that was probably going to be amnestied, in Andrea Bargnani. Are they mad? Related: check out Bargnani’s shot chart. Not pretty.

* TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott on how life is getting harder for players who can’t shoot.

* Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan ham it up in the Greek Islands.

* The difference between ‘tanking’ and ‘rebuilding’.

* Derrick Rose talks.

* Eric Bledsoe finally set free.

* Dwight Howard and John Wall speak Chinese.

* Kobe Bryant has the highest net worth in the NBA.


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