ESPN’s Chad Ford had this to say on Steven Adams on a recent BS podcast (right at the 1 hour mark):

This guy is hilarious. He’s got that kiwi sort of wit, that sort of British wit, he’s a crack up. I mean teams were coming out of their interviews with him, chuckling, after the interview. He’s very candid, he doesn’t know this whole drill about how things are supposed to be perceived or said, he’ll say just about anything, and so that’s one thing. He absolutely charmed everyone that he went to work out with, and when you look at him he doesn’t look like that type of guy that would do that and it’s a little bit surprising when you talk to him. You would love him; you’ve got to call him up.

And then the second thing that happened was – he’s on Jamie Dixon’s team at Pittsburgh. At the start of the season he looked like he’d never played basketball before, I mean he looked that lost on the floor and you were like ‘oh my goodness this guy is like, maybe we can come back and review him his junior year, he just doesn’t know what he’s doing out there’. But his learning curve was really steep throughout the season and by the end of the season he was already a guy who looked like he could dominate on the defensive end, and even his offensive game was really starting to come along to the point that you’re like ‘wow, that was a huge in-season curve for him’.

And then he goes to the draft combine and he starts hitting all of his jumpers; a soft touch on his shot and he’s hitting stuff everywhere and all of us were like ‘wait man, maybe this guy’s a little bit more skilled than we thought’. And then he’s gone into workouts and he’s done the same thing, where he’s been playing three-on-three and two-on-two in these workouts and he’s been amazing. But I think people feel like he hasn’t played organised basketball enough to have a great feel and he’s kind of like a step slow, if you know what I mean, like his reaction time is a step slow because he’s still trying mentally to figure out what’s happening on the court around him. But he has all the physical tools; he’s a great kid, he’s a hard worker and as he develops he’s a perfect candidate to go to the D-League and just play him a ton of minutes and get him used to playing basketball more and more. I think he could be one of the steals of the draft.”

I’ve been listening to Chad Ford over the years, and more often than not, he gets things right. Let’s hope he’s bang on with Kiwi Steve.


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