Quote of the Year from Gregg Popovich?

Despite LeBron’s 18-point, 18-rebound, 10-assist effort in Game 1, the armchair critics are out in full force to nit-pick his game. Here’s Pop’s response to that:

He’s a grown man. He doesn’t need any of you [media] to tell him anything. He knows more than all of you put together. He understands the game. If he makes a pass and you all think he should have shot it, or he shoots it and you think he should have made a pass, your opinions mean nothing to him, as they should not mean anything to him.”

He’s right. We sit at a keyboard and make our snarky comments, and criticise the best player in the world. Pretty crazy when you think about it.

Bosh for Boogie Cousins?

If the Miami Heat lose to San Antonio in this series they probably need a shake-up; not just for their chances of future success but also to convince LeBron to stick around beyond 2014. So what do they need? Apart from shedding a bit of salary, it’s pretty clear they need to get younger and bigger (girth-wise).

The other day on a BS podcast ESPN’s Brian Windhorst proposed a trade of Chris Bosh for DeMarcus Cousins (the Kings are under the cap so this trade could work, although they would need to add some minor filler to get it done). The guy’s a headcase, sure, but in the right situation with strong leadership he could be a monster. And adding a big angry dude like Cousins to the mix could be exactly what they need – i.e. a bit of mongrel on the front line. (The knowledge that they’ll be facing Roy Hibbert and Joakim Noah in the playoffs over the coming years should also propel them to pursue such a deal.)

On the Kings end, to get back a 29-year-old All-Star with a championship under his belt for the headache in Cousins, would be a big win for them as they look to re-tool under new ownership.

A golden opportunity for Patty Mills and Aron Baynes

In January this year Aron Baynes was toiling away in Slovenia, and now he’s in Miami for the NBA Finals as a member of the San Antonio Spurs. Wow! Surely he must pinch himself from time to time. I know, he’s sitting behind the bench in street clothes, but he’s secured (and earned) the most sought after apprenticeship in basketball with one of the best organisations in sports, and that’s priceless. I have no doubt that he will become a good NBA role player in the coming years because that’s what the Spurs do – maximise a player’s talent.

And Patty Mills? He’s the 12th man, but he’s impressing people with his enthusiasm and passion and that counts for a lot in this league. Whether he stays in San Antonio next season or opts out to seek new opportunities, his future looks good and he figures to stick around for a while. (That’s going to be a difficult decision for Patty – to stay in this amazing situation but way down on the point guard depth chart, or head elsewhere for more playing time and a bit more coin, but with a lesser organisation.)

It’s a priceless experience for these guys and I’m sure we’ll see the benefits when the Aussie Boomers contest the 2014 World Championships in Spain, and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.


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