A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Kevin Durant wearing a Seattle Supersonics hat?

* SB Nation’s Tom Ziller hoses down this nonsense about Kevin Durant coming up short. Geez, there’s some knobs out there.

* According to the experts Andrew Wiggins is the next can’t miss superstar coming down the pike. He just committed to Kansas but he’ll be one-and-done and heading for the NBA in the 2014 draft. Expect to see a handful of teams pull a full-on tank job next season to try and get their hands on him (and rightfully so). Here’s some footage and analysis of Wiggins.

* Dwayne Wade wearing a slim-fitting suit with funny short pants. Ridiculous.

* Phil Jackson posted a picture of all 13 of his championship rings on Twitter.

* Tayshaun Prince and Norris Cole with two big-time dunks.

* Some interesting new crunch-time facts about Kobe Bryant.

* Tracy McGrady owned garbage time in Game 5 against the Warriors. Seeing him in a Spurs jersey is just wrong.

* An E:60 special on Chris Bosh.

* Shaquille O’Neal sucks on TNT.

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