A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Here’s a revelation – Michael Jordan’s trainer says he was poisoned for the ‘Flu Game’.

* Tim Duncan winds back the clock with two huge dunks against the Lakers.

* Dirk shaves the beard. Dammit!

* Harrison Barnes drops the hammer on Aron Baynes. Welcome to the league young fella!

* After being released from the Spurs, Stephen Jackson sent out a series of tweets (Check out these – 1 and 2). Tosser.

* This is impressive – Norris Cole gets the game winning steal against Mr Clutch, Kyrie Irving.

* Bikini basketball, anyone?

* The New York Knicks’ small-ball lineup is wreaking havoc.

* Warriors’ rookie Festus Ezeli gets hazed.

* Sports Illustrated ranks the 10 most ridiculous flops of the season. Bunch of phonies!

* A Rasheed Wallace yelling ‘BALL DON’T LIE!’ compilation.

* Here’s the post-game interview with Kobe Bryant after he tore his Achilles. Tragic.

* Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe discuss the Kobe injury at length and where the Lakers go from here. A great listen.

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