Give me a pair of clippers and I would gleefully go to town on this mob.

In no particular order.

Omer Asik

It’s a mess. But who am I to say – the ladies seem to like it (bloody hell!!).

Kosta Koufos

He’s losing his hair and there’s no shame in that, but this combover has got to go. There’s nothin’ there man – just shave it off, be free.

Aaron Gray

You’re playing in a man’s league, at probably the toughest position on the floor – do you really want to front up with a 5 year old’s haircut?

Pau Gasol

What is it with 7-foot white dudes and bad hair? His bonce has never been easy on the eye, and quite honestly I am not even sure what he could do with it (clearly, short doesn’t work). I don’t know.

Gerald Wallace

Possibly the most annoying head of hair in the NBA. It’s time for a change, Gerald.

Honourable mentions: Kyle Korver, Jimmy Butler, Anderson Varejao, Andris Biedrins, Andrei Kirilenko, Andrew Bynum, Iman Shumpert, Mike Miller and Michael Beasley.

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