A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* After showing his appreciation for each ref (above), Larry Sanders was promptly ejected. Never change, Lar’.

* Brook Lopez gives the business to his useless twin brother Robin.

* Dwight Howard to an Orlando Magic fan: “Your mama liked me last night”. He went overboard in that game trying to prove that the boos/hate didn’t faze him, when we all know it does. Just stop talking man, please.

* It seems as though some people in Milwaukee have an axe to grind with Andrew Bogut – check out this article detailing how Andrew Bogut once teased Ersan Ilyasova. It’s pretty bloody lame. Apparently Bogut called him ‘Borat’ (which is pretty funny). Here’s a snippet:

He once endured teasing from Bogut, who called him Borat, the satirical fictional character invented and performed by actor Sacha Baron Cohen. “And it really ticked him off,” Babcock said. “But Ersan has a great sense of humor.”

Do count me as 100x not surprised that Bogut laid into Ilyasova. When comparing the two players, it’s plainly evident that one has an unassuming air of grace and humility and the other does not. One player stayed. One left. And Milwaukee won. They got to keep the player who wanted to be in Milwaukee all along — the one who started a family and set down roots, the one who actually likes the city and the team, and the one who can still do things of consequence on a basketball court.”

Give me a break. You could pick this apart on so many levels but I won’t even bother.

I still recall an interview with Brandon Jennings in his rookie year where he proudly admitted to giving Bogut the nickname of ‘bogan’. News flash – guys give guys nicknames. Geez.

* Landry Fields nails some guy in the head with a full-court heave.

* George Karl flips out.

* Sir Charles weighs in on a range of topics. I love this one – when asked about the possibility of shortening the NBA season, he said this: “That’s a great point but these owners are greedy pigs.”

* Some spectacular JaVale McGee highlights – a big block on Lamar Odom and this put back dunk against the Knicks.

* Brandon Jennings gives Milwaukee the ultimatum – pay me top dollar or I am gone. Will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

* Marco Belinelli hits another game winner.

* Check out these reactions to the DeAndre Jordan dunk. If you’ve been living on Mars and haven’t seen it, here’s the dunk itself.

* Ball Don’t Lie’s Kelly Dwyer experiences an NBA game through the fan perspective. A fun read.

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