A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Tom Ziller from SBNation crushes this nonsense about the Warriors being better off without Bogut.

* Dwight Howard with a huge block on Robin Lopez to preserve the win over New Orleans.

* A fan steals a towel right off Kobe’s back. So, what does one do with a sweaty towel?

* A fascinating on court exchange between Ricky Rubio and Alexey Shved.

* Check out this bizarre interview with Dennis Rodman after his trip to North Korea.

* I keep saying this, but Kobe again turns back the clock with a vicious dunk over Josh Smith.

* This high school buzzer beating game winner has got be up there as one of the best ever.

* Jamal Crawford with the alley-oop to Blake Griffin.

* Bill Simmons chats to Tony Parker. And here’s one for Boston fans – he should have been a Celtic.

* Jrue Holiday with the Instragram Photo of the Year.

* Ty Lawson with a big game winner against the Thunder.

* An interesting interview with Houston GM Daryl Morey and Grantland guru Zach Lowe.

* Daryl Morey vs. Jeremy Lin at table tennis.

* Dwight Howard makes 82% of his free throws in practice. Here’s the evidence.

* Nick Young’s mullet.

* LeBron with the game winner against Orlando.

* Andrew Bogut talks University of Utah Utes basketball, and more.

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