A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* This is gold – Robert Sacre working on his bench game.

* Jared Sullinger in seventh grade. Yowza!

* The Toronto Raptors do the ‘Harlem Shake’. (UPDATE: Here’s one from Miami as well)

* Mark Cuban was shit stirring with his recent comments about amnestying Kobe Bryant, but he also had a valid point – that is, the Lakers are in big trouble financially in the coming years. CBSSports’ Ken Berger explains why. It’s not a pretty picture.

* Tyreke Evans tries to punk Dwyane Wade and fails miserably.

* Amazing footage of Bill Russell on a fast break leaping over a defender near the free-throw line.

* Toronto Raptors fans need to lighten up on Andrea Bargnani (he was booed the other day just for taking a shot with a second left on the shot clock). Sure, he stinks, but he didn’t pick himself number one in the draft and then hand himself an outrageous $50 million extension. Our pal Bryan Colangelo deserves all the scorn here.

* LeBron throws down a couple of crazy dunks in the lay-up line – here and here.

* An average schmo (Trey Kerby from TBJ) dons the Warriors’ new skin-tight jersey. Yeah, I agree, don’t think they’ll catch on.

* Ok, I destroyed him in the previous article but I won’t deny a great play when I see it – here’s Monta Ellis with an unbelievable game winner against Houston.

* Speaking of Monta, here’s a must-read piece on the guy from Hardwood Paroxysm.

* I recently aired my gripes about complaining at officials and now TrueHoop weighs in; Henry Abbott puts coaches in the crosshairs and suggests that it’s getting out of hand. No kidding.

* A decent little dust-up in the Warriors v Pacers game.

* Ricky Rubio is getting his groove back.

* Check out Tony Parker’s shot chart. Now that’s an efficient point guard!

* Derrick Rose is dunking again but it shouldn’t matter; the Bulls aren’t a serious contender until they tidy up this roster and Rose is back playing at 100% and that won’t happen for another year, so there’s nothing to be gained by bringing him back this season.

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