A word of advice – don’t listen to this BS that has started to filter through about the Warriors supposedly being better off without Andrew Bogut on the floor. I am not just being a homer here, but I think if you can’t recognise the value of a player like Bogut then you aren’t watching the game too closely. He possesses everything you would want out of an NBA center – rebounding, shot blocking, elite defense (both man-to-man and team), passing and the ability to score on the block. Health is the only thing you can knock him on and that’s fair play for the critics.

Sure, the Warriors have been up and down of late and had a bit of a slump there, but to pin that on Bogut’s return is pretty moronic considering that he wasn’t playing in back-to-backs and he was playing less than half a game due to a minutes restriction.

And I hate to say this, but some segments of the Warriors’ fanbase – whilst extremely passionate – aren’t the clueyest bunch. Remember, even after years of evidence that he was toxic to team basketball they still worshipped Monta Ellis (and many still do). Who can forget the hissy fit they threw when Ellis was traded to Milwaukee.

As detailed by Dylan Kruse from The San Francisco Examiner, if the Warriors want to do anything in the postseason they need Bogut manning the middle. And that’s the truth.

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