He’s the man of the hour, that’s for sure. That’s two major features by two prominent US sports media outlets in the space of a week. The SI feature is particularly good because it also delves into his younger years back in Auzz. Here’s a snippet:

But what really stands out about Dellavedova are things that will never show up in a box score or on YouTube. Gonzaga coach Mark Few has called Dellavedova a “maestro” with ball screens because he is so adept at reading defenses. But he may be even better at reading his teammates. Three times a year Bennett distributes a questionnaire asking his players to rate the leadership qualities of their teammates in areas like work ethic, mental toughness, ability to unify the team and willingness to confront teammates. According to junior forward Beau Levesque, Dellavedova consistently tops every category. “He is the highest ever,” says Bennett. “He has figured out that this leadership thing is really important. He understands, if I’m a little better leader, that will make us a little better team……

Dellavedova’s parents, Leanne and Mark, say their son, who was often voted captain of his sports teams, has always been a people person. “Whenever we went on holiday, he made friends with somebody,” says Leanne. Dellavedova played a number of sports, such as tennis, soccer, and footie (Aussie rules football) before he narrowed his focus to hoops. Growing up in Maryborough, Victoria, a small town a two-hour drive northwest from Melbourne, he practiced his game in the house his parents allowed him to dribble on the tile floor — or on a hoop above a patch of grass in the backyard. Over the years, his repeated shot from the foul line distance wore footprints in the grass and a bald spot, where he routinely bounced the ball four times before each free throw, in front of that.”

Stay tuned – Ash is currently working on a piece evaluating Dellavedova’s NBA prospects. Should be a good one.


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