Grantland’s NBA guru Zach Lowe had some interesting things to say today about Andrew Bogut in his weekly column:

It’s important to be cautious. Bogut is on a minutes limit, and we have to see how his ankle holds up. His free throw stroke still looks funky, and he’s not getting there much so far. He’s sagging further into the paint when defending pick-and-rolls than is probably recommended.

But if all goes well, the Warriors are about to become the league’s most enjoyable watch. Bogut fits the rest of the roster perfectly. His passing skills are as sharp as ever; he’s facilitating from the elbow now and then, and he and David Lee already have a delightful tic-tac-toe chemistry on high-lows and pick-and-roll plays. Bogut is challenging everything at the rim, piling up those oh-so-Boguty rejections that occur almost literally at the rim and travel to a teammate’s hand instead of 10 rows into the stands.”

Bogut’s been surprisingly brilliant since his return and reminded us that when healthy he’s a game-changer. Only difference is, he’s now playing in a good NBA market so he’ll finally get the league-wide recognition he deserves.

If both his and Steph Curry’s ankle hold up (a big “if”) the Warriors will be a tough out in the playoffs.

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