For a while now there’s been one longstanding member of the Wall of Fame that has been a bit out of place. Not an athlete. Not a basketballer… in fact, nothing to do with basketball. Not a cheerleader. And not Chopper Reid.

Yes, it’s Richo.

Sure, you can still see him on Friday night football on your tele, but instead of missing overly straightforward set shots on goal, he now spends his efforts theorizing on why it happens. I’m not sure what’s worse, but I know they are both bad TV.

At the time NBAMate was founded, Richo was a big part of my life. The Richo Wall was a source of inspiration for me because I knew no matter how hopeless or disappointing a situation was, there was always someone more hopeless and disappointed than me.


No one gave us more shattered looks of despair throughout their career. No one made being pissed off more entertaining. No one finished 9th more times, than Richo.

You think Kobe gets upset when his teammates don’t pass him the ball? He’s got nothing on Richo.

He never tasted Premiership glory, and as if that wasn’t enough of a disappointment for one of Richmond’s favorite sons, he now gets booted off the Wall of Fame. Without notice, without remorse.

How disappointing.

But there is always a silver lining, and for us here at NBAMate, it is the promise of a new shining face in the WoF. Someone to lift our spirits. Someone to bring hope rather than disappointment. Someone at the top of their game, rather than ninth. Who is that someone? You’ll find out any day now.

Actually, not any day.

Australia Day.

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