A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Here’s a tip – don’t EVER challenge Jimmer Fredette to a dance-off, cause you won’t win. Another one on his wedding night.

* This is great – Steve Nash wipes his armpits on a towel, hands it to MWP, who then wipes his face.

* During their heated clash at MSG this week, Carmelo Anthony apparently told KG that he’d “meet him at the bus after the game”. He wasn’t kidding. And here’s the latest – TMZ footage of them going at it near the team bus.

* Milwaukee’s Larry Sanders destroying the Suns. This guy’s a beast. In Sanders, Jennings, Henson, Udoh and Ilyasova the Bucks actually have a good young core to work with, but you can count on the front office to screw it up. It seems simple to me – build around these young guys, continue to add through the draft and get rid of all the flawed over-priced veterans who are stinking up the roster (ex. Ellis, Gooden, Dalembert, Dunleavy etc.).

* It looks like the Sacramento Kings are moving to Seattle.

* Dwight and Kobe square off. So, apparently everything’s cool now. I don’t buy it.

* J.R. Smith turns a chest pass into an alley-oop.

* A sly Ty Lawson steals JaVale McGee’s shoe.

* Grantland on those NBA players who are getting limited minutes but are capable of much more.

* The Warriors’ Kent Bazemore is giving Robert Sacre a run for his money.

* Game-winners galore this week: Kyrie Irving, Joe Johnson, Eric Gordon and Bradley Beal. That’s more like it, create a decent shot; none of this contested off-balance 25-footer rubbish on a tied game.

* Kobe turns back the clock and jams on Chris Paul.

* Tyson Chandler with a vicious dunk against the Celtics.

* In All Airness podcast with Luc Longley.

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