In Bill Simmons’ latest podcast he spoke to the Golden State Warriors’ All-Star worthy duo David Lee and Steph Curry, and in it they had a brief but interesting exchange about Andrew Bogut and Aussies in general. Here’s what was said:

BS: Can you get him back this year?

Lee: I think so. He started the season and played a few games and had a loss of explosion in that ankle and I think he was sort of alarmed at the fact that he didn’t feel like he did previously before the injuries and surgeries, so he’s working every day to get back and the biggest thing is right now I think is we bought ourselves some time with how the team is playing and if he can get back to 100%, and we’ve also gained great minutes for Festus and Andris so when Andrew does come back you know the rest of these guys now have the experience and I think it’s going to help us in the long run.

BS: He seems like a good guy, a good teammate, Australian.

Lee: Have you ever met a rude Australian, I haven’t.

BS: Australia is probably my second favourite country. I’ve never met an Australian where you don’t walk away and go ‘that guy’s a good dude, a nice guy, he seems like he would be fun to go on road trips with.’ He’s been travelling with the team and stuff right?

Curry: Yeah, staying involved, he wants the best for the team, he’s an intense guy so it’s all business when he’s in the locker room.

If you’ve got some time on your hands I’d recommend listening to the entire podcast. As usual, it’s good stuff.

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