A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* ESPN Australia/NZ is giving away two tickets to the 2013 NBA All-Star event, to be held in Houston, Texas in February. For a chance to win this money can’t buy experience select a seat in their virtual Facebook stadium. That’s a trip of a lifetime right there.

* Another bizarre incident involving a ref – he tries to block Kris Humphries’ free throw!! WTF

* Michael Jordan studying game tape – vintage style.

* Mo Williams’ walk-off game winner against the Spurs. Look, I know he hit it but given the circumstances – a tied game, seven seconds remaining – it’s a ridiculous shot. A contested 25 footer is the best they can come up with? This happens all the time in the NBA and I don’t get it.

Damian Lillard and Joe Johnson also hit game winners this week – same scenario, tied game, contested three (although Johnson had his foot on the line). So what exactly are coaches being paid for?

* An excellent article by Henry Abbott at TrueHoop, cautioning against labeling Damian Lillard as a crunch time ‘closer’.

* This is pretty funny – a rap song about Gregg Popovich.

* Should the Houston Rockets trade Jeremy Lin?

* More goodness from Blake Griffin.

* Kenneth Faried pukes on the Nuggets bench, as teammates run for cover.

* Kwame Brown, yes Kwame Brown, rejects Dwight Howard.

* CBSSports with an interesting article on the different forms of bad ownership in the NBA.

* The Brooklyn Nets’ propensity for ‘heroball’ in crunch time is a worrying trend.

* The Chicago Bulls are reportedly considering cutting Nate Robinson, because they’re cheap.

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