I’m still trying to get through rehab protocol. Still not back on the court yet. People out there are going to put timeframes on it. Media, analysts are all going to put what they think and when they think I’m going to be back. But I’m going to be back when I’m ready to play at 100 percent and my ankle feels like it’s ready to play at 100 percent. As of now, it’s not going to be this week.

That was probably my mistake early on [playing early in the season]. The team was very supportive, but I wanted to play the first game of the season. I’ve never missed an opening night in my career, and I didn’t want to miss this one. But I was probably a little stupid with it.”

It’s pretty clear by now that we’re not going to see the Andrew Bogut of old this season, but let’s just hope he can get himself right, get back on the court soon enough and have a positive impact on the team. I’m sure he will.

(UPDATE: Bogut might not be coming back for a while.)


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