A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* David Lee tells Blake Griffin to “stop flopping!”.

* Lamar Odom mistakenly calls himself a Los Angeles Laker. This dude’s a mess.

* Andrew Bogut: “the ankle is still a work in progress”.

* This is hilarious – Dirk Nowitzki sings ‘Born in the USA’.

* Brandon Jennings hits the game-winner with 0.7 seconds left against the Cavs.

* Kevin Durant welcomes Jonas Valanciunas to the NBA.

* On a team that’s built for the future, why is Houston coach Kevin McHale stonewalling the rookies again?

* This is great – Sheed drains his first 3 since coming back. Get used to it Knicks fans (shooting threes, that is).

* Andray Blatche ran out of petrol on a New Jersey highway after the Nets home opener.

* DeAndre Jordan with a nice putback dunk over Dwight Howard.

* US soldier blows trampoline dunk, destroys net, delays game.

* A shot chart reveals the story of Carmelo Anthony – basically, he loves his jump shot.

* TrueHoop puts the microscope on Dwight Howard.

* With the final offer on the table, James Harden was given only one hour by Sam Presti to make a decision. He doesn’t mess around and generally speaking that’s great, but surely you beat every bush before relinquishing a player of Harden’s calibre. And regarding the package they got in return; you don’t think Charlotte would have given up Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, or Washington Bradley Beal, or the Warriors’ Klay Thompson (and possibly Harrison Barnes) for the chance to get their mits on Harden? Of course they would have.

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