A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Kobe throws down some nice dunks in practice. He looks spry.

* NBA 2K13 leaks the Oklahoma City Thunder’s new alternate jerseys, and botches the spelling. They’re not bad, but really, anything beats their current uniforms.

* Rasheed Wallace said he came out of retirement because he wanted to “show y’all how post players really need to play”. Is he kidding? In each of his last five seasons in the league, more than one-third of his shots came from deep….And check out that footage down the bottom, of Sheed backing down a midget at practice and missing the bunny both times. Gold! This comeback is going to be great.

* Check out this footage of Manute Bol’s son playin’ hoop. Bol Bol (no, I didn’t make that up) is a 6-foot-5 seventh grader. The kid can ball.

* Bill Simmons breaks down the James Harden/OKC situation. One of his best lines: “That’s why I think Oklahoma City’s owners are full of an entire sewage system of shit.” A bit lengthy but a great read.

* Al Jefferson has a humongous ($23k) bed.

* Zach Lowe (now with Grantland) sorts the haves from the have nots.

* Kiwi and former NBA bench warmer Sean Marks has been promoted to director of basketball operations in San Antonio. He will also assume the role of general manager for the Austin Toros, the Spurs’ D-League affiliate.

* This is funny; J.R. Smith plays the doting boyfriend in this Kelly Rowland/Sean Paul music clip.

* Tracy McGrady signs a contract to play in China.

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