Hey Anthony, you dropped something!

Who said I look puffy?

It’s my team and if you don’t like it…

Fat Albert in a Sixers uni?

Good to see he’s given up on the spray-on hair.

Beware, I will kill.

He’ll fit right in in Hollywood (ya know, cause he’s a phony).

Get used to it; their pick-and-roll will be devastating.

It’s what you wanted, my friend.

Love the unis; not sure about the hair.

Do you wanna come back to my couch?

That’s gotta hurt the pride.

He’s just been told of their offseason acquisitions.

But Derrick, Vlad Rad can space the floor!

You call this work?

See lads, I told ya I’d bring back the beard.

Lill Nate will probably be doing a lot of that this year playing under the demanding Tom Thibodeau.

Vince, we warned you we’d lock you in the boardroom if you did any more of those silly hand gestures on a made basket or dunk.


He’s going for the werewolf look.

My name is Kent Bazemore (no, really) and I like to dance.

A couple of rough heads there.

A photo shoot in a dodgy car park? Nice.


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