A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* This is great – JaVale McGee riding a Segway around the Nuggets’ locker room.

* The first footage of Dwight Howard working out as a Laker.

* Jalen Rose tells the story of a dust-up he witnessed between Vince Carter and Sam Mitchell as a member of the Toronto Raptors. How did that not get out?

* Patty Mills brings the heat in a recent photo shoot.

* Check out this interview with Stephen Jackson, it’s a doozy. Topics covered: he doesn’t work out in the offseason; he left his fiancee at the alter because she didn’t sign a prenup; he considers himself to be the best NBA rapper ever; and much more.

* Some footage of a chunky Rasheed Wallace talkin’ smack and acting the fool during a few pick-up games. Yeah, great idea to sign this lunatic. (UPDATE: Sheed will sign with the Knicks)

* An interesting Q&A with Andrew Bogut.

* Deron Williams and Reggie Evans fill Marshon Brooks’ car with popcorn.

* The NCAA is investigating the St. Mary’s men’s basketball program for potential recruiting violations.

* I couldn’t let this one slip by – the Brooklyn Nets reveal their dancers’ uniforms.

* Hakeem Olajuwon talks about his post play tutorials with LeBron James.

* Here’s Nathan Jawai with a nice block and dunk for Barcelona.

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