A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Here’s some NBA players (and a coach) looking completely ridiculous at the New York Fashion Week. And how about Chris Bosh’s Larry O’Brien championship trophy slippers!!

* Rajon Rondo is interning at GQ during the NY Fashion Week. The notoriously surly Rondo playing gofer to a bunch of haughty fashionistas? Man, would I pay to see that.

* Enes Kanter is really enjoying his offseason in LA. And here he is throwing down an alley-oop…..in a swimming pool full of kids.

* The Brooklyn Nets reveal their new home court.

* Lakers’s GM Mitch Kupchak has some interesting things to say in this Sports Illustrated Q&A.

* Some slo-mo footage of Stephen Jackson chowin’ down on some fried ribs.

* Shaq crosses a busy street in a pair of underwear.

* Andrew Bogut is the key to the Warriors’ success.

* Brad Miller and Jared Jeffries catch a very large gator.

* Some more highlights of Ben Simmons.

* If you’ve got some time on your hands, take a listen to this Grantland podcast with the Van Gundy brothers. Absolutely fascinating.

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