A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* No explanation needed on the above. Livin’ the dream!

* Kobe Bryant scores 68 points in a charity game in China in only 15 minutes of action……..against local “pop music stars” who can’t play ball to save themselves. Check out the highlights, they’re hilarious! And if you can see anywhere in there where he actually passes the ball to a teammate, you’re a better man than I. Oh, and here he is pretending to play an electric guitar…..

* Metta World Peace is guilty of some pretty bad over-acting here.

* A brilliant piece by the Lakers’ blog Forum Blue And Gold on what Dwight Howard will bring to the Lakers’ offense. Make no mistake, if he returns to full health it will be devastating.

* Here’s a list of NBA donors to the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney campaigns. Gee, big surprise there; the majority of rich white owners and higher ups go Republican.

* San Antonio blog Project Spurs expect to see an increased role for Patty Mills this coming season.

* Karl Malone squeezes into a tiny car.

* A uniform change for the New York Knicks?

* Kobe cruisin’ in his Ferrari.

* Adria Gasol, the 18 year old younger brother of Pau and Marc, will walk-on at UCLA this season. Apparently he’s not that good though, hence the walk-on.

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