A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Amar’e Stoudemire will pay Hakeem Olajuwan 100k for two weeks of ‘post play’ tutelage during the summer. That’s a hefty sum but considering that LeBron James emerged from a similar session last year with a post game in tow, it’s clearly worth it. And gee, that’s a nice little earner for ‘The Dream’.

* Here’s a tip: if you want Kevin Durant’s autograph, don’t throw your shoes at him. Some moron did.

* An interesting picture of Team USA hangin’ out together in Spain.

* Gilbert Arenas’ D.C. area mansion, complete with a grotto and shark tank (that costs $5,000 a month in maintenance bills), has been put up for sale at $3.5 million.

* Top 10 plays of the Las Vegas Summer League. Some nice dunks there.

* A fascinating piece on Dallas Mavericks boss Mark Cuban as he discusses the Mavs present and future under the new CBA.

* Some footage of Brandon Roy playing in a Pro-Am League game in Seattle. It was his first game action in 15 months.

* TrueHoop explores the value of a Shane Battier-type and looks at the revival of the ‘tweener’.

* Why does Carmelo Anthony play so good for Team USA? Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski has the answer. Personally, I don’t understand why there isn’t more of a push in New York to move him permanently to the four (with Amar’e the first big off the bench). That’s where he thrives, and crucially, where his flaws are minimized, as proven last season when he tore it up filling in for the injured Amar’e. We all know the Melo/Amar’e tandem doesn’t fit and likely never will, so stop trying to shoehorn them together and start playing your biggest (and really only) card.

* Aussie Leigh Ellis from TBJ chews the fat with some NBA players and talks Olympic Games.

* Our man SP breaks down the Summer League play of Austin Rivers on his new site Hornets Daily. If you’re a Hornets fan then this site is a must read.

* The latest report out of Chicago has Derrick Rose on the shelf until March next year. Yikes. See you in 2014, Chicago.

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