A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Carried out of a nightclub off his face; crashes his SUV into a telephone pole almost killing himself; taken to hospital; arrested and charged with DUI. That’s your new ‘leader’, New York Knicks?

* LeBron James’ new go-to move.

* In a Sports Illustrated interview Jeremy Lin weighs in on his move to Houston.

* Kyrie Irving challenges Kobe to a game of one-on-one for 50k (for charity), and then they talk some smack for a while.

* Rudy Fernandez holds a basketball camp and leads a rendition of the ‘Party Rock Anthem’.

* Carmelo Anthony puts his foot in it again, saying the contract offered to Jeremy Lin by Houston was “ridiculous” (it’s true, but you don’t say that about a teammate). Uh, Carmelo, 80% of all NBA player contracts are ridiculous, including your own.

* Not sure if this was set up or not, but some Laker hoons pass Steve Nash a beer whilst driving alongside his ride in L.A.

* Charles Barkley regales a locker room about how he tried to get Dirk Nowitzki to attend Auburn.

* True Hoop’s Henry Abbott foresees some issues with Nash in L.A.

* President Obama hangin’ out and chewin’ the fat with Team USA.

* A fascinating interview with Kobe Bryant.

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