A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Patty Mills will re-sign with the San Antonio Spurs (contract details are not yet known). Great news!

* Andrew Bogut’s ankle injury is healing nicely and he’s expected to be back on deck for the Warriors training camp in September.

* Blake Griffin with an off-the-wall dunk at Team USA camp.

* Who are they (the league) kidding; competitive balance in the NBA is a pipe dream.

* The Ray Allen Decision.

* A no-nonsense assessment of what’s wrong with the Portland Trail Blazers and why restricted free agent Nicolas Batum wants out.

* Eric Gordon cracks a sad over restricted free agency, despite getting offered the max. He’s right about the odd makeup of the team (i.e. drafting the identical Rivers), which I wrote about a few weeks back, but as discussed in this article he had the power to choose unrestricted free agency in 2013 (by signing the qualifying offer) but declined. So suck it up, Eric.

* Kevin Love is putting the heat on Minnesota (and rightfully so) to improve or else.

* A fascinating look at how Steve Nash became a Los Angeles Laker.

* A Sports Illustrated Q&A with Brooklyn Net Deron Williams.

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