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* Chris Bosh goes nuts with a bottle of champagne, spraying himself in crazy fashion.

* The Brooklyn Nets stoop to ‘Orlando Magic-type’ pathetic lows in order to persuade Deron Williams to re-sign this offseason. They parked a truck outside his apartment in Brooklyn wishing him a happy birthday. Yeah, like that’s going to make him forget that his best teammates will be Brook Lopez and MarShon Brooks…

* A fan tells Amar’e Stoudemire on Twitter that he needs to “come back a lot stronger and quicker” next season, and Amar’e promptly tells him to f**k off and calls him a f*g**t, followed by an apology, followed by the nitwit actually asking for free tickets to a game. Sheesh.

* LeBron James on the David Letterman Show.

* LeBron and Co. ham it up in a Miami nightclub after winning the championship.

* Pacers’ coach Frank Vogel spinning a basketball on the end of a toothbrush, while brushing his teeth.

* Carmelo Anthony pretends to be his wax sculpture at Madame Tussauds, and scares people.

* J.R. Smith is suing his former Chinese team for $1 million. Funny, considering he never turned up to practise or team meetings, and was generally (and not surprisingly) an arse.

* Our mates over at A Stern Warning examine Patty Mills’ impact in San Antonio and where his future lies in the NBA.

* Someone makes a cake to commemorate the legendary ‘Taj Gibson over Dwayne Wade’ dunk in last year’s ECF.

* Here’s more fuel for one of my biggest gripes about the NBA – retread GM’s getting re-hired. Former Cavs GM Danny Ferry has agreed to a six-year contract (these guys are nuts) to be the Atlanta Hawks’ new GM. That’s the same guy who was given five years and endless resources to surround LeBron with a capable supporting cast in Cleveland, and failed miserably (Mo Williams was the best ‘second banana’ he acquired), which directly lead to LeBron’s departure. Look no further as to why Atlanta is a mediocre (at best) franchise.

* A fascinating discussion on the upcoming NBA Draft (with ESPN’s Chad Ford and top scout Dave Telep) on the NBA Today podcast.

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