So the bracket has finally been resolved and we have our two finalists. It’s come as no real surprise that the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder will be the two teams battling it out for the hardware. It’s true, they play the games for a reason, but it was fairly obvious before the 2012 season tipped off that these two teams would be a step ahead of the pack come June. We picked it back in December.

3 votes – Chris Bosh. CB’s play off the bench was the spark Miami needed to get past the stingy Celtics defense. Wade and Chalmers struggled to take care of the ball in the first half and the Heat were having trouble generating any offense away from LeBron getting to the foul line. When Bosh stepped in and started knocking down jump shots it forced the Celtics out of the paint and opened up the lanes for James and Wade. Bosh had 19 points and 8 boards off the bench for Miami, shooting 3-4 from deep.

2 votes – LeBron James. Although the stats might tell a different story, LeBron played well short of his capabilities in this do-or-die Game 7; he took a number of plays off which he won’t be able to do in the finals. Spoelstra should have made the Celtics pay for giving Brandon Bass the assignment of guarding James.

1 vote – Rajon Rondo. Another great game for Rondo. He had a tremendous playoff run for the ageing C’s, who aside from their elite point guard were starved for production on the offensive end of the floor.

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