I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. LeBron James is the best damn player in the NBA. The way he commands attention on offense without skipping a beat defensively, is a testament to the hard work that’s gone in to developing this under appreciated and incredibly well balanced superstar.

Game 6 was all about LBJ; 45 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists don’t even begin to tell the story of his dominance against a suddenly concerned Boston Celtics team.

After the Celtics won Game 5, I still couldn’t see any way they would be able to take one more game from James’ crew and advance to the finals. I would have been shocked if Miami’s run at a title lasted just 40 days.

I wrote a piece back in April on this Miami Heat team, expressing my belief that this title was theirs to lose, further that – LeBron’s to lose. This is still the case.

With everything Durant has done in getting the Oklahoma City Thunder through to the finals, it’s hard to say anyone’s had a bigger responsibility in getting their team across the line than LeBron James has for the Miami Heat. With a banged up Wade and a recovering Chris Bosh, the Miami big three has been absent for a reasonable portion of the Heat’s run for a title, and as a result LeBron has been forced to do a lot of the heavy lifting. For some reason people thought he would struggle in that role, but it just hasn’t been the case.

4 votes – LeBron James. I was contemplating giving Dwyane Wade the single vote from this game, but that could have taken away some from what I believe was one of the finest playoff performances in league history. From the circumstances, to the location – it had all the makings of a classic for LeBron James. This game was do or die for Miami, but only one guy turned up to play. If it were any other player in the league that had to do it on their own in a win-or-go-home game 6 on the road – the occasion would probably get the better of them. But for James it was a cake walk, and the stage is now set for a classic Game 7 game between two teams who desperately want to kick each other to the curb. I can’t wait.

2 votes – Rajon Rondo. If LeBron ends up being the story of this series, Rondo will be the footnote. He’s been superb throughout and Game 6 was really no exception for him. Another respectable stat line (21 points, 10 assists), but when his teammates can’t get it going from the field and he has trouble taking care of the ball, things can look pretty grim for this Boston Celtics offense.

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